Bad things…Good People

Nothing bothers me more than when bad things happen to good people. That little part of life’s unfairness gets to me, A LOT!

In a past entry I wrote about my favorite coffee counter guy at the WaWa who always makes my day with his cheery disposition. I haven’t seen him for a few weeks, but today he was back, and I was so happy to see him. My mornings haven’t been the same without his reply of “Great!” whenever I ask him how he is doing. Today that wasn’t exactly his answer, although he did try to be a little positive.

Apparently he had a stroke a few weeks ago and that’s why he’s been out. He had just booked a two week cruise to the Carribbean with all of the bells and whistles for him and his wife, and was very excited about it. After booking it, they went home, cracked a bottle of wine, toasted to their upcoming trip and sat down for a game of Scrabble. It was then that he had a stroke, which he figured out because suddenly he couldn’t see any of the letters out of his left eye. He was rushed to the hospital and long story short, yes he was right. He was transferred to another hospital, given a million tests, and apparently given all kinds of medications that are making his body go haywire, but he is recovered enough to come back to work. He told me that if his couple of hours a day running the coffee counter gets him out of the house, and back to the life he enjoyed before, then he’s happy. (See, he always throws something good in there!)

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I could feel my heart hurt as he told me the story. Yes, he was trying to be kind of upbeat about it, but it wasn’t easy…even for the nicest man I come into contact with everyday. I spoke to him for a good 10 minutes this morning and on my way out told him how happy I was that he was back. On my drive home, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach, because it’s just not fair. Yes, it could have been much worse for him…but still…

I will never get past the whole “bad things happen to good people” concept. All you have to do is open the paper or turn on the news everyday to see that there are plenty of crappy people out there..but it always seems like nothing bad really ever happens to them. I am such a strong believer in karma, but there’s times I wish it was instant! Sometimes I feel like everytime I turn around, I hear about bad things, and it crushes my spirit a little…especially today.

This goes back to my philosphy of enjoying life and those people and things around me that bring me joy. You just never know…and the older I get, the more that becomes blatently apparent. Case in point, he toasts to an upcoming vacation and has a stroke. Wow that’s unfair! I’m going to add this man to my prayers at night. It’s the least I can do for a man who brings me joy without even trying.


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