Facebook Dissertations…

Facebook…an incredible tool of procrastination for me. I admit it. I know there’s plenty of other things I could be doing sometimes, but somehow I will drift over to Facebook for “just a few minutes”. However, “just a few minutes” in Facebook time isn’t exactly what it means in the real world…so yes, I am procrastinating.

As much as I love me some Bejeweled, and get a chuckle out of my friends statuses, there is one thing that completely turns me off on Facebook…debating. I will never understand why people do it.

Case in point…Being a “state worker”, being married to a “state worker” and coming from a long line of “state workers”, I do post some statuses about our wonderful Governor and what I think of his latest method of screwing us. Now, do I think everyone is going to agree with me? Of course not…we live in a Democratic society, so we all have our own political views. It’s what our great nation is founded on, for God sake! My peeve comes from people reading my status (or anyone else’s status – no matter what the topic is) and feeling the need to dig their soapbox out of its hiding spot and start their grand oration. Really people?

I just don’t get what makes someone feel they not only need to post their strong personal disagreement with it, but to then bust out their doctoral thesis on the state of the world in order to prove their point. No one needs to read your 3 paragraph dissertation on the “rightness” of your opposing view. Seriously.

I love it (not really) when it turns into a full scale debate when other people feel the need to hop into the mix too. Again, why? The world’s problems are not going to be solved by you, sitting in front of your computer in your jammies…it’s just not. If that was the case, the UN could just abandon their digs in NYC and everyone could just battle it out online.

I have to say that in all of the years I have been on FB, I have never once ripped anyone for their thoughts on their status, even if it is the most jackassed thing I have read all day. Why…because it is THEIR Facebook page…thus their opinion.

In a nutshell, if you feel the need to be the rightest person in Righttown …be my guest – just do it on your own page…that’s what it’s for!


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