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Hello world!

I can officially cross “being a blogger” off my bucket list now….because here I am. I’ve started blogs before and stopped shortly thereafter, but this one is it.

Having a blog is just one of those things I NEED TO DO. Why…because I was the kid that had Harriet the Spy as my hero growing up. I borrowed that book so many times, the librarian finally broke down and just gave it to me. I was her…carrying around a little notebook of observations on everything. I’m still that way, minus the notebook, of course. I observe everything and make mental notes for later. Not important stuff…for instance, a friend and I were on the phone a few years back, and she was astonished that I didn’t know certain people’s eye colors. See, that’s probably something “important” that people notice…to me – not so much. I’m much more of the “noticer of the inane” kind of girl. If it’s ridiculous, I take notice and chuckle all the way home. Ridiculous things make my day, and that’s the kind of observations I will post here.

It’s The View From Here.

While I really wish the view was this:


because this is the happy place I go in my mind quite often (STOP LOOKING AT MY CRAZY TINGERS)…it’s not.

The View From Here is not nearly as beautiful (Again, the ocean and sand, not my toes) but I think it’s a lot funnier, and a bit more realistic.

I’ve got a lot rolling around in this brain of mine, so I might as well just put it out there…

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