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Bring It 2012!

Happy 2012! I’m going to keep my resolutions simple this year.

1. Try to keep my blog on the lighter side…more “Who Does That?” kinds of posts.

2. Since I got an awesome new camera for Christmas, I am going to take up photography as a hobby. Of course I really need to figure out the million settings on it first. One of my best friends is an art teacher and she has been telling me for years that everyone has an artistic quality of some form to them. I have always told her that maybe besides writing, I really didn’t. She says I have an eye for pictures, and maybe she’s right about that. I do enjoy taking pictures and have taken some pretty cool ones with just my cell phone camera. Maybe this new camera will bring me to take even better pictures. If I take any really cool ones, I will post them to my blog.

3. Finally, I will start assembling my stories for the book I want to write someday about the things I’ve seen as a teacher. I won’t be retiring for another 16 years, so I figure I’ve got plenty of time there.

Yep, a whopping 3 resolutions. I’m a real ball of fire.

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